Thursday, 16 June 2011

Album Review: Johnny Foreigner - Some Songs Are Cursed

Album Review: Johnny Foreigner - Some Songs Are Cursed

A mixed bag from Birmingham indie rockers Johnny Foreigner with new EP 'Some Songs Are Cursed'. After the trio's first venture across the Atlantic in the latter stages of 2010 in support of Los Campesinos!, the EP is perhaps a snippet of what's to come from a full length penciled in for release in September of this year.

At just under twelve minutes, the four track EP doesn't stick around long, and all in all is a bit inconsistent. Opening track 'Certain Songs' is a trundling affair, with the sort of sound you would expect to find accompanying a soppy love scene in some outrageously cringe worthy American teen drama.

Halfway through 'Johnny Foreigner vs. You (Cursed Version)' you begin to wonder where the oomph that made songs like 2008's'Salt, Pepper and Spindarella' and 'Eyes Wide Terrified' so popular has run off to, with the cumbersome piano based number doing little to inspire the imagination.

But sure enough, their gritty indie rock selves burst out on 'Twin Sisterzz', which is a brilliant two and fro between slow, considered vocals and raw bullet guitars that leads into finale 'What Drummers Get' where the perfectly contrasting vocals of front man Alexei Berrow and bassist Kelly Southern work wonders with its coarse indie rock sound.


'Some Songs Are Cursed' bu Johnny Foreigner is available now on Alcopop Records.

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Words by Liam McGarry

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