Thursday, 14 April 2011

Album Review: Scholar - Make Light EP

Scholar are in their musical infancy, but it should be said that debut EP 'Make Light' has a sound more befitting a band much further traveled. Hailing from New York, their brand of lyrically charged punk rock brings with it an brilliantly assured balance of melody and power, Charlie Sheen in places, Mr Sheen in others.

Opener 'Everything is Backwards' is an immediate introduction to the bands lyrical focus, but avoids the failings of other, arguably top heavy bands, whose words only serve to dilute the quality of their sound. Powering through with a chorus that even David James would have no trouble with, it's followed by 'The Rift' a relentlessly driving track reminiscent of Alkaline Trio that makes for an inspiring first half.

'Capture Release' is a more considered, structured offering, making use of front man Steven Blaqart's vocal prowess, as well as some well placed female backing vocals that fit just perfectly, square peg, square hole. 'Locke Syndrome' is the EP's longest track by a distance at five minutes plus, helping to create a very deliberate sense of finality, gang vocals pronouncing quite potently, "Now that we're here I can tell you, we're never going home."

It's not often a debut can boast such maturity, a sound so honed and practised. And as first attempts go, this is stellar.


'Make Light' EP by Scholar is released in March.

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Liam McGarry

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