Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Album Review: Adelaine - Take Heart

Marketing a female fronted helium rock band has never been easier. Hey Monday, VersaEmerge and We Are In The Crowd, as well as a certain Tennessee based something-piece, have all enjoyed vast success over the last few years.

With this success comes influx of bands, hoping to emulate the popularity of established acts on the scene. Texas reared Adelaine don't do themselves a disservice with debut EP 'Take Heart', which ticks most of the right melodic ultra-light metal boxes. 

A slow starter, 'Crying Out' seems an odd choice for an opener and never really gets out of second gear, its considered and crafted sound much more befitting of a mid-record change of pace.

The band are at their very best when careering through songs at machine gun pace and tracks like 'Do or Die' and 'Strength in my Weakness' maintain relentless vigour, the former serving a driving guitar solo that sets up a crashing finale.

'Take Heart' is worth it's role as title track, combining the bands impressive edgy thrust with genuinely powerful lyrics and a lasting sentiment; "Your heart is your weapon, it's time to make your move".

'Worth the Wait' genuinely is. An accomplished rock ballad, the closer avoids the failings of so many bands who try and fail to successfully pull off what is difficult sound. If you're a fan of the acts mentioned in the introduction to this review, or the likes of Conditions, There For Tomorrow or Madina Lake, then Adelaine are a band worth your time.


'Take Heart' by Adelaine is released on March 4th.

Purchase 'Take Heart' by Adelaine here.

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Words by Liam McGarry

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