Friday, 4 February 2011

Album Review: The Ocean Between Us - The Ocean Between Us EP

Is it still fair to judge a band on their originality? It's an idea that divides opinion. But while we should obviously commend artists who create an entirely unique sound, that doesn't mean to say that those who can't achieve the same feat should be cast from our minds as clich├ęd or lazy. The Ocean Between Us' crashing, emotive self-titled debut EP is a welcome, if not a revolutionary, addition to a bustling genre.

What's clear from the get-go is that this Yorkshire post-hardcore mob have what so many new bands lack - a brilliant eye for song composition and structure. Their sound incorporates well judged changes in pace, thrashing rhythm and a maturity that is vastly impressive for a band still in their infancy. 

What keeps the band, label buddies of Deaf Havana on A Wolf At Your Door Records, from creating a real gem with this EP, is the record's slightly meandering, trundling core in the form of "Our Names Were Written In The Water" and "What Do You Stand For", which fail to measure up to opener "Nice One Kid, You Just Brought a Knife to a Gun Fight" or the climactic "Hearts of Lions", both of which show a depth and drive worthy of recognition.

If you're looking for something extraordinary, something synonymous with only itself, this isn't the answer. The Ocean Between Us are an exciting prospect that are worth keeping an eye on, and are due credit for even achieving that, in a scene with more bands than Silvio Berlusconi has had hot deserts.


'The Ocean Between Us' by The Ocean Between Us is available now on A Wolf At Your Door Records.

The Ocean Between Us on FacebookMySpace and Tumblr.

Liam McGarry

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