Sunday, 6 February 2011

Album Review: Free Swim - Yolanda The Panda

A perk of this "job" is discovering artists from genres you wouldn't usually find yourself listening to, and Free Swim's short yet exhilarating concept EP, 'Yolanda The Panda" certainly falls into this category.

Following the exploits of a Yolanda and her accomplices ("a Willet, and a slightly overbearing Englishman") as they attempt to scale Mount Everest, 'Yolanda The Panda' is a refreshing, vastly intriguing offering quite unlike anything you've ever heard. 

The narrative on delightfully named 'Swooping Swoopily like a Swooping Swooper' is a highlight, as is the sugary pop-tinged rock vibe that emanates from 'I Want to be a Mountaineer!'.

It's about as unique as it gets at the moment, and certainly serves to put a smile on your face. What are you waiting for?


'Yolanda The Panda' by Free Swim is released on March 28th through Sex Farm Records.

Free Swim on FacebookTwitter and Bandcamp.

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