Sunday, 14 November 2010

Album Review: Beyond City Lights - Transitions

The problem with pop-punk is, the genre is so saturated with bands, it makes the real gems, the next New Found Glory's and Blink 182's, even more difficult to uncover. Beyond City Lights, hailing from Boston, prove this theory all too well, and their debut album'Transitions' is a half-decent attempt at a well practised, seldom perfected formula.

What becomes clear as you venture deeper into 'Transitions', is how limited the band are by vocalist Dylan Massucco's lack of vocal range. Through all ten songs, the front man barely seems to move out of first gear, a monotony that detracts from songs like 'The Distance', which provides crashing drums and powerful guitars, but lacks the voice take the song on. 

What is disappointing about the record, is how often Beyond City Lights build songs up, create a brilliant tension that begs to be shattered by a brilliant hook or breakdown, and don't build on it, preventing songs like 'Stay Sleeping' and 'Jaws of Life' from becoming highlights, rather than filler material.

Acoustic number 'Traps' is the most accomplished number, with a certain craft seriously lacking elsewhere on the on the record prominent throughout. Finally, we are treated to the full capabilities of Massucco's voice, which gives the song direction and poignancy.

Massuco is the brother of Four Year Strong drummer Jake, a link that has presumably fast-tracked the bands progress thus far. With some tinkering, some fine tuning (and maybe some more brotherly love), the 5-piece aren't too far away from something that's worth quitting the day job for.


'Transitions' by Beyond City Lights is available now.

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Liam McGarry

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